Human Liver Dataset

Created Date: November 2021

This dataset was generated in-house at Resolve Biosciences using customer-provided tissue sections. The experiment used a custom 96-gene target panel to measure gene expression in situ for four samples (A1, B1, C1, and D1) on a single Molecular observation slide. The dataset contains DAPI image, expression matrix, and cell segmentation files for download.​ Data made available with kind permission from a Resolve Biosciences customer; gene targets have been anonymized at the customer’s request.​

Sample details​: Fresh frozen punch biopsies from livers that had been rejected for transplant on the basis of their level of steatosis.

Files for download:

File Name Description
00003-slide5_A1_DAPI.tiff Fluorescence image of the DAPI-stained sample, stitched from individual field of views.
00003-slide5_A1_brightfield.tiff Brightfield image of the sample, stitched from individual field of views.​
00003-slide5_A1_results_withFP.txt Plain text file containing x, y and z coordinates plus target names of individual RNA molecules as tab separated values. Coordinate values correspond to pixels in the DAPI image. Targets named “FP XX” refer to decoded signals from barcodes not used in the experiment and therefore indicate false positives.​
Customer Report QC report that provides an overview of various metrics of the assay​
Image of