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Meridian Molecular Cartography™ Services provides highly multiplexed in situ gene expression tailored to your scientific questions. From custom panel design to feasibility testing, to publication-ready data, our in-house experts are here to help you find your answers quickly.

Data Quality

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Why wait? With flexible custom panels across species and broad tissue compatibility, you can get started exploring your targets in your samples today, no instrument required.

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With 50 tissue types analyzed and 15+ publications and manuscripts from leading institutions, our Molecular Cartography experts have a proven track record of delivering high-quality, spatial biology data.


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We’re here to ensure your project is a success. Partner with a dedicated project manager for end-to-end white glove service from custom panel design to publication-ready data.

How it works


Project Initiation

Consult with a Molecular Cartography expert to discuss your experimental design.


Panel Design

Design your custom panel with our intuitive designer portal.


Sample Preparation

Section your tissues onto the provided slide and mail them to our Europe or USA service lab locations.

Service Lab

Service Lab Workflow

Our Service lab QCs and runs the samples through the Molecular Cartography workflow.


Data Analysis

Analyze your data using our ReCognize software and review your QC report and results with a Molecular Cartography expert.

Success Story: Dissecting liver toxicity with single-cell spatial transcriptomics

"We chose Resolve Biosciences because they had experience successfully working with the liver, and their probes were shown to work well. It was a perfect fit for us to study the liver effects.”

“The data quality was really great and working with Resolve Biosciences was helpful for both interpreting and visualizing the data."

Rance Nault, PhD Assistant Professor,
Michigan State University

Dr. Rance Nault applies novel genomics approaches to understand the mechanism and safety of toxicants in the environment. Using our Molecular Cartography services to analyze mouse livers exposed to toxins, Dr. Nault and team were able to observe how certain molecular responses could be defensive and help protect against liver damage.

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Meridian Molecular Cartography Services FAQs

What tissue types can I run through your services?We are currently offering in situ gene expression services for fresh-frozen, PFA-fixed, and PAXgene-fixed tissues, with formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissue services expected to begin in the first half of 2023. We also offer services for cell culture and organoids.

Which species are compatible?The Molecular Cartography workflow is compatible with a broad range of species, including human, mouse, and plant. Our fully custom and flexible gene expression panel design enables analysis of virtually any species. As part of our white glove services, you’ll consult with an in-house expert to help plan your experiment based on your species and scientific goals.

How do I design my gene expression panel?Our in-house experts will help you design a gene panel using our intuitive panel designer software. We’ll help make sure the panel is optimized to meet your research goals.

Do you offer sectioning or staining services?Yes, we offer both sectioning and staining services. Since Molecular Cartography chemistry is non-destructive, sample integrity is preserved allowing for downstream staining and immunohistochemistry (IHC).

What is the typical turnaround time for a service project?From initial consultation to final data delivery, the average turnaround time for a services project is 6-8 weeks. This includes custom probe design and production, the Molecular Cartography workflow, and data QC and report generation. A dedicated project manager will work with you end-to-end to ensure timely delivery.

Where are your service labs located?We have two fully staffed, in-house service labs in San Jose, USA, and Monheim am Rhein, Germany.

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