Identifying Spatial Co-occurrence in Healthy and Inflamed tissues (ISCHIA)

Lafzi, A. et al. (2023) “Identifying spatial co-occurrence in healthy and inflamed tissues (Ischia),” bioRxiv [Preprint].


Spatial transcriptomics techniques are able to chart the distribution and localization of cell types and RNA molecules across a tissue. Here, we generated matched sequencing-based (Visium) and hybridization-based (Molecular Cartography) spatial transcriptomics data of human IBD samples. We then developed ISCHIA (Identifying Spatial Co-occurrence in Healthy and InflAmed tissues), a computational framework to analyze the spatial co-occurrence of cell types and transcript species in the tissue environment. ISCHIA revealed tightly associated cellular networks, ligand-receptor interactions enriched in the inflamed human colon, and their associated gene signatures, highlighting the hypothesis-generating power of co-occurrence analysis on spatial transcriptomics data.

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